We live and grow our farm in Sequim Washington just east of Port Angeles in the northern rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains.  The ground here is fertile, and irrigated while the climate is mild and perfect for year round pasturing. While we are not big enough to warrant the cost of becoming certified organic, we strive to abide by organic practices. Our animals are free from added hormones, antibiotics and raised in open space with plenty of room to roam and graze. We believe that pasture is the best and healthiest way to grow our meats and eggs.  In addition to the animals we raise to sell, we have horses, turkeys, cats, dogs, honey bees and rabbits.  We enjoy our family garden and orchard in the summer months and preserve as much of the harvest as possible while still maintaining our sanity.  

Bryan grew up running around his maternal grandparent's 100+ acre farm in Sequim, playing with his cousins, the cows and running from his brother.  As a teenager he worked at Maple View Farms learning irrigation, tractors, silage and cattle. His off farm job at Clallam County Fire District #3 provided the capital to start Bent Gate Farm and continues to supplement farm operations as Anna is always finding ways for the farm to grow.  He has the hard skills needed to build fence, fix the tractor, build feeders and design irrigation.  With occasional help from our neighbor Gary and YouTube there isn't anything he can repair.

Anna grew up in the Agnew area dreaming of a horse to ride and later starting a farm.  When Lulu was born she got serious about finding a horse and Coco was obtained on a trade for some automotive repair.  Chickens and TotTot soon followed along with an opportunity to start cattle on leased land from their generous next door neighbors.  The farm has continued to expand each year and now includes all the species you would find in every stereotypical child's book about a farm with the exception of geese.  This is a line Bryan has drawn that in an interest of marriage, she vows not to cross. 

Lulu (age 12) loves her horses Paige and Fiona and rides at every opportunity.  She trains the dogs Spark and Spot, and doesn't hardly move 10 ft without one of them by her side.  She has a number of show cows she likes taking to the county fair and is very proud of having the biggest 4-H string each year. She also shows a lamb each year showcasing her grass-fed animals in the local Junior Livestock Auction. She is involved in 4-H, Pony Club, and dancing.  When asked what her favorite activity is she replies, "All of them!" She aspires to be a vet and own 1,000 horses.  

TotTot (age 9) is our goat girl who is often found out snuggling the goat kids and teaching them to jump on buckets and their mama.   She enjoys taking the majority of her ever growing herd to the fair and is the only 4-H kid to own Pygora goats in the county. In 2018 she also took a steer that was born on our farm to the Junior Livestock Auction and won Grand Champion in her 4-H market class. She was the energy needed to give raising grass fed goats for meat a try and thus we now own three Boer does. She rides her horse Kandi in Pony Club, shows her rabbit Sprite, plays soccer each fall and dances with her sister at Aspire Academy.  She loves to help with anything around the farm, as long as it is her idea.