In keeping with our philosophy of humane animal rearing practices, we sell all of our animals “on the hoof.”   This allows them to be slaughtered on the farm eliminating the stress of transportation to a slaughter facility.  If you have never purchased custom butchered meat before, below is a brief rundown of the process.  

We raise your animal and arrange for slaughter, which is done in our field by a professional—quickly, efficiently, and humanely.  The slaughter truck then delivers the carcass to the butcher shop.  At the butcher shop, your animal is weighed, custom cut, cured and wrapped to your specifications.  There are three costs involved when buying custom meat.  You pay the farm for the hanging weight* of the meat, the slaughter truck for the slaughter fee, and you pay the butcher for the cut and wrap fee.  Because each family has it’s own wants and needs when choosing cuts, we are unable to include the wrap fee in our hanging weight price. 

Once your meat is at the butcher, you will get an email from the farm indicating how much your portion weighed.  The total cost of the hanging weight plus the slaughter fee, less your deposit will be due at that time.  You will then call the butcher and give them your custom cut order.  They are great about walking you through the different cut options if you are unfamiliar with the process.  We will be happy to pick up your cuts when they are ready and meet you back at the farm to pick up your meat.  You will now have a freezer full of meat at your disposal!

For questions or to make a reservation, please fill out the form below.  You can also find more information on the beef, porklamb  or FAQ pages.

*Hanging Weight: The amount the animal weighs when it arrives at the butcher with its head, hide, and internal organs removed.

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