Our pigs are raised in a pasture where they are free to run, root and squeal as they please. In addition to all the tasty treats they find in the pastures, they have unlimited access to a 100% organic diet milled locally in Mt. Vernon as well as given organic vegetable scraps from the family garden.  Having free access to pasture changes the fat makeup of the pork to contain higher amounts of omega-3s.  Our pork is lean, flavorful, and free of any antibiotics or added hormones.

We are happy to reserve a portion of our pasture raised organically fed pork just for you!

Our pork is available in whole or half orders. We charge $4.40/pound hanging weight.  Because of our commitment to humane practices and quality meat, all of the slaughter is done professionally on our farm and is $120 per whole animal split accordingly.  The carcass is then taken to a butcher of your choice where you select the cuts, seasonings and cures that are just right for your family.  Contact us today to reserve your family’s pasture raised, organically fed, antibiotic free pork.

There are three costs involved when purchasing pork from our farm. 1) The cost of the pork itself paid to the farm ($4.40 hanging weight). 2) The cost of the on farm slaughter ($120 per whole pork split accordingly). 3) The cost of the custom cut and wrap paid to the butcher shop (approx. $.90/lb).  Below is an cost breakdown example of a whole pork.

Whole pork weighing 200lbs hanging weight = $880  + $120 slaughter fee + $180 for cut and wrap.  Grand total = $1,160

75% of hanging weight received as table cuts = 150 lbs = $7.87 per pound for table cuts.  

It is important to remember that the price for your table cuts applies to ALL of your cuts so you are getting your breakfast sausages, pork chops and hams for the same price.

See our FAQs for more information.

We are now taking reservations for Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 pork.  If you are interested in pork or other meats, please fill out the following form and we will get in touch with you regarding our availability. *Deposits for pork are: $100 for a 1/2 pork and $200 for a whole pork.

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