Jon Could Never Be Embarrassed

Jon could never be embarrassed, but had no problem doing or saying things that embarrassed those around him wither long time friends, family or new acquaintance. This was especially true when he chose to wear his Speedos to Sarc or water parks we went to as kids. Even though we always objected to him wearing it, he wore it with pride. I can remember this one particular time when we were at a water park some where in Eastern Washington one summer while we were camping. He of course wanted to come with us in the pools, and wore his green Speedo. We had been there for several hours and my brother and I decided to hang out in the wading pool. We happened to sit next to a couple of other people who noticed Jon walking around and were commenting to each other about how great he looked in his attire :) My brother and I just listened and smiled. At one point Jon walked by trying to find us and didn't notice us sitting in the pool and the people noticed that Jon's Speedo had a hole in the butt. Upon realizing this the people next to us grew more and more displeased with Jon's choice of swim suite and my brother and I kept on pretending we didn't know him. We eventually did go find him and explained he needed to toss that pair out, but I can't remember if we were able to convince him. Jon we will miss you so much and even your Speedos. 
-Megan Schomaker