Jon Always Made Life Interesting

Jon and I went wood cutting @ Rogers house some years ago.  Jon need firewood and Roger said Jon could have the was on a bank...about 30 inches across the butt and pretty tall.  I used this as a teaching opportunity for Jon and explained to him how to cut the tree down...first cutting the "V" cut in back and then come to the other side and make a straight cut but NOT cut into the hinge as that stabilizes the tree and helps to guide it down where you want.  He was concerned where might fall he had a 100 ft choker attached to the tree.   We used a ladder to attach the cable high enough up so we had some pulling power with his truck.  He made all the desired cuts and wanted to pull it down...unfortunately he had not cut into the tree enough to move it.  I showed him where to cut so the tree would fall and in spite my reminders NOT to cut into the hinge...he did anyway...consequently pinching his saw.
So I used my saw to work away at the remainder of the tree, but no use to free his saw, but it had a better chance of coming down if we pulled on it.  So I had Jon tie a rope onto his saw...I would go up and pull the tree with his truck and he would pull on his saw when the tree started to move to get it out of the way so the tree would not fall on it.  I also reminded him to stand out of the way so no limbs would hit him...he followed all directions except the moving out of the way part.  I came over the hill to inspect the progress and saw Jon holding his head...I guess he did not stand back very far and got hit with a branch...just was rotten and not very big and the saw was saved!  Moral of the story...use your head when it comes to cutting down trees...not for catching branches:)

-Jim Thompson