Jon Always Had the Best of Intentions

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jon since I was born. Our families went camping, skiing, had holiday parties and he always seemed to bring something to those gatherings that would make them memorable, usually at his expense. I will always remember Jon for teaching me how to ski, encouraging me to go down more and more challenging runs (even if I didn't think I was ready), and to get me up early to make first tracks after a good snow. I did my first rope tow with him, my first double black diamond and skied the bowl at Mt. Bachelor with him. 

There are so many memories and stories to share it is hard to think of just one. From the time I started skiing in 6th grade through high school there weren't many times I went skiing without him and his signature butt plate. For those that skied with him you know exactly what I am referring to, but for those that didn't imagine a padded rectangle hanging from his waist like a a cape for when he sat on the lift so he wouldn't get wet. He always wore it and it would flap behind him as he gracefully went down the mountain, which made him easy to spot in a crowd. He always made skiing look so easy and was there to help me get better as I learned. He also made friends where ever we were and always struck up a conversation with any other person we saw on the lift or in line even if they didn't really feel like talking. His friendly charm was tough to resist.

On one particular day my brother, Jon and I were heading up to ski at Crystal, and as we walked to the shuttle Jon noticed that the headlights on a van had been left on. Being who he was, Jon optimistically said "I bet the door is open and I can turn them off." He walked over and sure enough it was and he turned off the lights. That of course wasn't enough, because Jon had a heart that wanted to do things for other people. So he went one step further he then said "it is going to snow, I better lift their windshield wipers up to make it easier when the get back." In doing this good deed, Jon of course pulled the entire driver's side wiper right off the windshield. My brother and I burst out laughing and to this day I can't remember what he did with the wiper, but at least that families battery wasn't dead when they returned. 

Jon, will be greatly missed and I will hold dearly to the memories I have with him. I am so grateful to have had him in my life.

-Megan Schomaker