Passion for Outdoor Adventures

I have Jon to thank for so much of who I am.  He gave me my first job as a teenager, taught me how to ski and showed me what an incredible part of the world we live in.  When I was 13, he paid for my ski gear, ski lessons and lift ticket up to Hurricane Ridge.  It was a bit of a cram session because he and Kathy planned to take me and their son Erik to Mt. Bachelor for a week long ski trip.  This was the start of my passion for the outdoors and different ways to soak it up. Kathy will tell you that she knew I was a lost cause when I bought a "No Fear" t-shirt.  She was right.  After that first trip, I was hooked.  I was lucky to take many more ski trips with Jon and his family.  I remember when they made the big leap up from a Subaru where we had to confine Jon's socks to the glove box at the end of the day, to a Suburban where open windows provided enough ventilation to prevent suffocation of the passengers.  He and Erik (two years younger than I) would often argue on the chairlift about what run to do next, when to take a break and how cold is really too cold to be out skiing?  I laughed and sometimes got mad at Erik for being a pansy ass and wanting to go inside when I wanted to take advantage of every second I had on the mountain.  Jon and I skied with backpacks (with Kit Kats as a staple) so we could eat on the chairlift and continue skiing.  Who knew that Erik would grow to be so such a skilled outdoorsman traveling the world to climb snowy mountains, canyon down cliffs and dive the world's waters?  Erik told me recently that he tries to work as little as possible and play as hard as possible, a philosophy I think he adopted from his dad:)

-Anna Swanberg