The Summer of '69

It was the “Summer of 69”,….it really was. Jon and I were both looking for ,…….GIRLS! What else would we be looking for? Each of us had contemplated ,…..actually more like fantasized about a particular girl but we lacked the courage to just go up ask them for a date. YES,….that’s how guys had to do it back then. Jon’s 16th birthday was approaching. I had a brilliant idea, we would sneak up and surprise them just like we were hunting or fishing. “ Hey Jon,….just have a birthday party and invite both of them to the party. They will never suspect a thing.” This is how two cowards started on the road to becoming men. Jon invited about 10 or 12 people to the party including our two “prey”. I think his mother organized a great party with lots of food etc. etc. at their house on the bluff in Edmonds. I’m not really sure about that because as soon as our “love interests” arrived at the party, Jon and I immediately separated them from the herd, abandoned his party and the rest of the guests and took the girls down the steep steps to the beach. We did not return until the party was pretty much over. His mother was not amused. We tried our very best to entertain those girls,……and I’ll just stop the story there. Except I should add that 42 years later at our 40th high school reunion I met that girl again and this time I married her. Thanks Jon,…..I could not have done it without you. 

-Allen Jorgensen