Boot Time

Jon, Philo Lund and I all skied together in high school. The ski bus would leave the high school Saturday mornings and head up to Hyak ( low budget, what can I say) All of us kids would load our skis underneath the bus but take our ski boots inside the bus with us. That way we could make sure to get them on in plenty of time to run out and start skiing as soon as possible when the bus arrived. Of course someone needed to keep track of the time and give a warning to everyone when was the time to start getting those ski boots on. Jon volunteered,…. although I cannot say that anyone asked him to. Initially Jon would holler, “ Boot Time” when we were approximately 10 minutes away from the ski lodge but that quickly got boring to Jon. He soon began to announce that it was “Boot time” at any and all rare moments when the decibels inside the bus dropped under 100. Many times we had not left the parking lot.

Philo and I loved to ski and we loved to ski with Jon. Duh! We of course each brought bota bags with us for “refreshment” during the long day. I mean ,….why would you stop for lunch. The trick was to get out of the house Saturday morning without your Mom inspecting and sampling your bota bag. One particular Saturday morning we arrived at the ski lodge and the temperature was 0. All of the kids on the bus, except Jon, I and Philo headed for the lodge to spend the day because it was just too cold to ski. Huh? The three of us skied ALL DAY, non-stop, no lift lines, up and down dozens of runs. The bus always left for home after a head count at 5 PM sharp! We arrived at 6:30PM to be greeted by a very surly bus driver and bus full of kids who had been sucking up diesel fumes for an hour and a half waiting for us. I loved skiing with Jon.

-Allen Jorgensen