Another Fish Story

It was a September morning, Roger Easling and I met Jon and Erik at Olson's dock in Sekiu for some coho salmon fishing. I had asked Jon not to bring too much fishing tackle as I was well stocked and with 4 guys on board my 18.5 foot SeaRay boat, space were going to be a little tight. To no one's surprise, Jon showed up with a rather large fishing tackle box, three poles and a large cooler, just in case. We headed out. It was slow catching at Sekiu so we decided to head to an area off Tatoosh Island, west of Neah Bay. The fish were biting but the seas were a "little sloppy" . Soon after getting into the fish, Erik was turning three shades of green. Being a man of medical brilliance, Jon had Erik breathing into a paper bag, it was even a clean one! Well, this was not helping poor Erik, so we decided we had better reel up and take him into Neah Bay. If you are a fisher person you know how hard it is to leave when the fish are biting! 

As we passed Tatoosh Island on the way to Neah Bay, Jon and I spotted a nice gravel beach on the east (lee) side of the island. I looked at Jon, and he at me, and we both said "are you thinking what I'm thinking"? We looked at the tide chart and knew it was going to be an incoming tide in the afternoon, so if we could slowly approach the beach and not run aground, we could drop Erik off and pick him up in a few hours. That would, of course, save us alot of travel time and get us back fishing sooner. I told Jon he was going to have to hold the bow of the boat and keep the boat 90 degrees to the beach so a swell would not lift us and deposit us sideways onto the beach. Being such a terrific father he packed Erik some food, water and warm clothing, then proceeded to strip down to his underwear and jumped into the cold water to hold the boat into position. With Erik safe ashore, Jon got back into the boat, dried off and we proceeded to catch our limit of six nice coho. 

We returned at the designated time and found Erik all smiles. He had a ball exploring the Island and was feeling much better. Jon again did his strip routine and kept us off the rocks. Eric felt so good that he caught his two coho while trolling back to Sekiu. Isn't it amazing what sacrifices a father will make for his son!! 

Russ Mellon