A Proud Dad

Having known Jon for over 36 years, I have many memories of him, bigger than life as they say. One that I don't think many know of is about the morning when Erik was born. Kathy labored all night long and brought forth a beautiful baby boy. After she and Erik were settled, Jon and I went out for a much needed breakfast. I can still easily remember sitting across from him waiting for our food, looking at his face. On it was, as my Mom would say, "a shit eating grin from one ear to the other." Jon said over and over to me, "I think he knows I'm his Dad because he grabbed my finger. Did you see him grab it? He must know it's me don't you think?" I couldn't bear to remind him that is a natural newborn reflux that all baby's do. And even if I did, he wouldn't believe me anyways. He knew in the deepest part of his heart, his son knew that finger he was holding belonged to his Dad! Little did he know what a wonderful, successful adult that beautiful baby would someday become. I know Jon is looking out for each and every one of us. In thinking about him, I can't help but smile for having the pleasure of knowing him. He will be missed but not forgotten. -Edie Thompson