How much does your meat cost?

There are three costs involved when purchasing meat from our farm. 1) The cost of the meat itself paid to the farm. 2) The cost of the on farm slaughter. 3) The cost of the custom cut and wrap paid to the butcher shop.  Below is an example of how a half beef would work out per pound:

Half beef weighing 310bs. hanging weight = $1,162  + $60 slaughter fee + $248 for cut and wrap.  Grand total = $1,470

73% of hanging weight received as table cuts = 226.3 lbs = $6.49 per pound of table cuts.  

-It is important to remember that the price for your table cuts applies to ALL of your cuts so you are getting your ground beef and your T-bone steaks for the same price.

We sell all of our meat by the hanging weight.  We sell beef for $3.75/lbs hanging weight, pork for $4.25/lb. hanging weight, lamb at $6/lb hanging weight and goat for $8/lb.

How and when do I pay?

When you are ready to reserve a portion of meat, you will send in a non-refundable deposit that applies toward the total cost of your meat.  When your meat is harvested we will e-mail you to let you know the weight of your animal and the amount due.  We require you to pay for your meat “in full” (final bill less your reservation deposit) before your meat is released to you from the butcher. We take credit cards through Paypal and offer a 2% cash or check discount.

Is is economical to buy a side of beef, pork or lamb?

We think so and the people at agree.

What is hanging weight?

Hanging weight is the amount the animal weighs when it arrives at the butcher with the head, hide and internal organs removed.  One half of our beef hangs out at approximately 310lbs., a whole pork hangs out at approximately 200lbs. and a whole lamb hangs out at approximately 70lbs. 

What are table cuts?

Table cuts are the cuts of meat that are ready to be cooked and put on your family's table.  When meat is butchered it is split into sides.  Once it gets to the butcher it is then split into primal cuts, then down into sub primal cuts and finally table cuts also known as fabricated cuts.  

How much meat will I get?

For beef, you will get approximately 70%-75% of your hanging weight back as table cuts.  Pork will yield approx 75%-80% of hanging weight as table cuts and lamb will yield approximately 80%-85% of hanging weight as table cuts.  Your yields will be higher if you choose bone in cuts and soup bones.

What kind of cuts will I get?

It's up to you!  Check out the charts on beef, pork and lamb to see what your options are.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact us or our friends over at Home Meats 

How much freezer space will I need?

One cubic foot of freezer space will hold approximately 30lbs of meat.  This varies depending on the shape and size of your cuts.  You will be able to get more ground beef packages into a square foot than you will rib roasts.

Why do I have to pay the butcher separately?

The cost of custom butchering can vary slightly depending on cures, how much you want ground, if you want any of it cased into hot dogs/sausages or dried into jerky.  Because of this, we are unable to predict the final cost of cut and wrap. By keeping this a separate cost paid to the butcher, it ensures that you are only paying for the cut and wrap charges your family needs.

What is a split side/quarter beef?

When ordering a 1/4 beef, we split the side so that each person ordering a quarter gets equal amounts of front quarter cuts and back quarter cuts.  This way, you get ribs, steaks and roasts.

*Note on ordering a quarter beef.  We are happy to split a side of beef into a quarter for you and your family. However, please note that the butcher charges an extra $.10/lb to split the side.  This comes out to about an extra $15 per quarter.  Therefore the cheapest way to get a quarter beef is to find a friend to split the costs with and divide the cuts yourself.

Do you take credit cards?

We do! While we happily accept credit card payments, if you pay by check or cash, more of your money stays with the farm as we are able to save credit processing fees.

Can I get the organ meats from my animal?

Absolutely!  Please let us know at the time you send us your deposit so we can have them set aside for you at the time of slaughter. 

Why is pasture raised meat healthier for me?

Animals free to roam on pasture consume rich grasses and legumes providing them with a rich assortment of vitamins and minerals.  This leads to healthier, leaner, more nutrient dense meat.  Pasture raised meat and eggs are higher in omega 3s, beta carotene, CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid) as well as lower in fat, cholesterol and calories.

Why aren't you certified organic?

This is a great question.  The high costs of becoming certified organic is too prohibitive given the small scale of our operation.  In lieu of becoming certified organic, we invite you to come see our farm operation at any time.  We believe that being able to talk with the farmer and see the day to day operation allows far more transparency than any product label.  Our animals are free from steroids, added hormones and antibiotics.

 Can I schedule a farm visit?

We do farm visits a handful of times throughout the year. Please contact us to find out more.

Libby and aida at the clallam county fair, august 2015.

Libby and aida at the clallam county fair, august 2015.