Sad Sale

Asha and March on sale day.

Asha and March on sale day.

In March, Asha's goat Mae had two kids, March and April.  Early on it was decided that we would sell March (male) and keep April (female) to breed.  She and I discussed how much she would need to sell him for in order to have money to breed Mae and April. We found a great home for him with our friends in Enumclaw who already have a goat buddy for him to play with.  They drove over to pick him up and after walking around the farm, Asha dutifully caught March and loaded him into the crate in the back of their SUV.   As she turned around after shutting the crate I asked her if she was okay.  She gave me small nod "yes" but my Mama senses knew she wasn't.  I scooped her up and whispered, "Are you sure you're okay?"  At this point she erupted into tears and asked to be carried inside.  She was sad he was leaving and embarrassed about her big emotions.  We sat on the beanbag chair together and discussed the day's events.  

Me: It's okay to feel sad about March leaving.  That means you love you goats a lot and that is a good thing.

Asha: I'm worried they aren't going to know what hay to give him and won't take good care of him!!!!

Me: I know they will take great care of him and we can go see him when we go visit Uncle Tod.  Shuffling animals around is part of having a farm honey.  You know how today we sold Tribex today because we don't need two bulls?  Now we can use the money from him to buy more cows.  Moose is going to have babies soon and then you will bread Mae and April and you will have even more babies.  We have to sell some of the goat kids because we can't have 100 goats.

Asha (Tears streaming down her face and yelling) : But that's what I want is 100 goats!!!!!

Me: I know kiddo.  You love your goats.

She negotiated a little more time with him before he left and we brought him into the house where she gave him alfalfa pellets, cried, chatted to him, and cried some more for another half hour.  Our friends offered to leave him here but we knew she would be okay in time.  For the next few days when she was tired or overwhelmed, she would cry for him and say how much she missed him.  Farm kids are a tough bunch but even they have heart strings that break, when pulled too tight.