Newest Farm Venture


We are thrilled to be partnering with Chi’s Farms of Sequim to offer a local meat/vegetable CSA in 2019. The details are still being worked out but the general idea is that customers will purchase a CSA that will include local, organic, high quality vegetables from Chi’s Farms in Sequim, 100% grass fed beef and pastured raised organically fed pork from our farm. Members will receive 20lbs of ground meat and 10 lbs of ground pork distributed over the course of three dates during the CSA. The first installment of 10lbs of ground beef will be distributed in July, the 10lbs of ground pork in September and the last 10lbs of ground beef in November. We are hoping that this partnership will bring additional value to the more traditional vegetable CSA as well as open up our pastured meat products to families whose eating habits don’t align with purchasing our meat in bulk. More details to come under our CSA link!