Hoof Trimming

Last weekend we took Libby to the annual clipping clinic hosted by Pure Country 4-H Club.  They also arranged to have the local hoof trimmer, Mike Nichols, there to trim feet for the show cattle.  Our bull, Big Top, was over working some other ladies when we had Mike over to trim the rest of the herd last fall.  Thankfully he came from Westbrook Angus out in Chimacum and is halter trained (though I little rusty from being left alone all winter) so we were able to trim him at the clinic.  The process is painless to the cows though they do get temporarily nervous when the chute is turning. Mike is a great guy, hard worker, and extremely knowledgable.  The kids all had their show cattle's feet trimmed and learned from Jake Smith the best ways to clip cattle to highlight the cow's strengths and camouflage their weaknesses.  Libby's heifer, Aja, looked great.  Thanks to Karen Anderson and Jake Smith for making this happen for our kids.